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Brabazon and YTL Arena

Bristol, UK

Since 2015, we have been working with YTL to regenerate Bristol’s historic 142-hectare former Filton Airfield, one of the largest brownfield sites in the UK.

Located on the northern edge of Bristol, Filton Airfield has a global position in the history of world aviation. Filton was once the world’s largest aircraft manufacturing area, with the world’s largest hangar for the world’s largest plane, and later the world’s fastest aeroplane - Concorde.

We worked closely with Allies and Morrison on the masterplan and developed the overall landscape and public realm strategy for the scheme. The site is being planned to accommodate more than 2,600 homes, three new schools, a new town centre with commercial and leisure spaces and a generous network of open spaces. At 3km long, the site is equivalent in scale to Bristol city centre and a key goal of the masterplan is to achieve a balance of compactness and open space for a sustainable urban extension.

FAF 455 FAF 455 N3 Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects

As well as working on the masterplan, we have been working with Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios on the first residential neighbourhood, and also working with Grimshaw to create an arena by repurposing the Brabazon aircraft hangars. The proposed arena will be capable of housing up to 17,080 people and will put Bristol on the world map for hosting large-scale events, while also celebrating the site’s place in aviation history.

The overall project offers a unique model for urban expansion, demonstrating how a large disused piece of infrastructure can be repurposed to make way for a new community within a landscape framework of community gardens, parks, squares and streets, to promote healthy living and biodiversity without having to expand a city region’s physical footprint.

FAF 455 FAF 455 N9 Courtesy of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Filton Airfield is a historic local landmark. We are working with world-renowned designers to ensure its future lives up to the legacy of its pioneering past. The first phase of new homes is designed to form the heart of a thriving new neighbourhood for North Bristol.

Sebastian Loyn, Planning & Development Director, YTL Developments

FAF 455 FAF 455 N8 Courtesy of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
FAF 455 FAF 455 N10
Project Info
YTL Developments UK Ltd Masterplan
Architect Masterplanner:
Allies and Morrison
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studio, Grimshaw
Public Space and Community Planning Consultant:
Gehl People
Peter Brett Associates
Transport Planner:
Phil Jones Associates
Commercial Property Consultant:
Alder King