Ronan Watson 01

Ronan Watson

Senior Landscape Architect

Ronan’s upbringing in the Scottish Highlands with the abundant access to open space was fundamental to his choice of career as a Landscape Architect. He joined Grant Associates in 2013 having studied for a Master’s in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University and North Carolina State University.

Since joining he has been involved in an eclectic mix of projects. This has included being the project landscape architect for a range of high-profile designs including Supertrees 2.0 and Bay South Review at Gardens by the Bay, Tottenham Hales Island Sites Masterplan, Charlton Riverside and Southbank Melbourne.

Prior to joining Grant Associates, Ronan won the Landscape Institutes Future Vision award in 2010, gaining a placement at the Eden Project. In 2012 he represented the Royal Horticultural Society on their annual Interchange Scholarship to the USA, where he researched and taught at North Carolina State University.